Who We Are?

MSRA Board

Our 13 members of the MSRA board are asked to sign up to serve on 1 or 2 committees. Each committee is led by a MSRA board member. The members of the MSRA board meet separate from the monthly board meetings to research, organize, and plan information to report at the monthly meetings.


A premier neighborhood in Chattanooga TN

Board Members


We Need You!

The success of Mountain Shadows depends on the involvement of its residents. There are many opportunities to be involved both officially (on the board) and unofficially, helping to carry out neighborhood goals.

Areas of need include:
  • Special Projects (i.e. Playground Renovation Committee)
  • Social Events
  • Outside Member Liaison
  • Social Media
  • Welcome Committee

If you would be interested in helping your neighborhood or learning more about opportunities to help, you can email the board to learn more.

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